Paul Nevin follows all IT Industry standards, engaging in ethical lines of business through IEEE. He has completed work at ICANN. He understands computer office automation for small, mid and large size businesses through patenting of a TURN KEY methodology and through Six Sigma processes. He also has extensive experience with introducing and implementing new technologies for best practices to large corporations for over 30 years.
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CoManter Presentation CLICK HERE!!! CLICK HERE !!! Paul Nevin created CoManter WWW Consultants and branded CSC in 1972. It was not incorporated until 1985 in Canada and later in the USA in 2001. Have created over 100,000 websites from small to large. He has experience prior to the WWW with Bulletin Board Service (BBS) called FidoNet Inc. with over 2000 servers in North America. He has worked with the Seven Flags in the Canadian Government Centre for Remote Sensing Satellite Positioning (ERS) in the past. He understands your WWW needs through CoManter Configuration Management Method 1 (CMM1) process we developed for Ford as JOB#1 methodology.
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Translated business requirements into technical infrastructure designs through....... Six Sigma processes.