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Don't wait to be discovered - GoLiveDoor® today

When you launch your business website you want the Search Engines to know about it straight away so, right from the outset, you can begin attracting the targeted visitors that are actively looking for your services.

Simply launching a website does not mean you are automatically found on the search engines. You need to be submitted, or discovered via a link.

CoManter's® new GoLiveDoor® service is perfect for businesses with a new website that want to accelerate their appearance on the Search Engines.

Don't wait to be discovered - GoLiveDoor® today!

Get listed on Google, Yahoo! & MSN with FidoDoor's new GoLiveDoor search engines submission service.

When you launch your business website you want the Search Engines to know about it straight away so, right from the outset, you can begin attracting the targeted visitors that are actively looking for your services. But, simply launching a website does not mean you are automatically found on the search engines.

CoManter's new GoLiveDoor service is perfect for businesses with a new website that want to accelerate their appearance on the Search Engines.

The GoLiveDoor® Service gets you listed, guaranteed

GoLiveDoor® guarantees a listing on the three main Search Engines - Google®, Yahoo® and MSN® which between them account for over 90% of all searches.

When you activate GoLiveDoor® for your website, your website will be listed in days, not months!

Each Monday you will be emailed a report detailing the status of your website submission process on Google, Yahoo and MSN. Your GoLiveDoor® service will remain active until your website is listed on ALL three search engines.

Just starting at US$500 GoLiveDoor® is a must for new business websites.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Search Engine Submission?

"Search engine submission" refers to the act of getting your web site listed with search engines.

Won't my website get listed anyway?

Simply publishing a website is no guarantee that it will ever be listed by the Search Engines. Over time, most websites will be found by the Search Engines as they crawl the internet. This time can vary from several weeks to several months. GoLiveDoor® aims to substantially reduce the amount of time it takes to get listed, getting your website in front of people much faster.

Reasons a new website can miss out on a Search Engine position:

  • The site isn't well connected through multiple links to other sites on the web.
  • The site launched after the Search Engines most recent crawl was completed.
  • The site was temporarily unavailable when the Search Engine tried to crawl it.

Will you submit my site to '10,000 search engines' like other services I have seen?

No. Whilst there are many Search Engines on the internet, over 90% of all searches come from Google, Yahoo or MSN. Many other minor search engines use these 'big three' for their results. Services that 'auto-submit' to 'thousands of search engines' are likely to be submitting your site to directories that have no real value and can in fact be detrimental to your long term search engine position.

How quickly will my listing appear?

Generally most websites will show up within a week of having the GoLiveDoor® service activated, but that time is variable, dependent on the Search Engines. Basically, directory submission serves two central purposes: Attracting Web site traffic through the directories themselves and building back links (inbound links) to your Web site. Most directories have fairly small amounts of visitors, so directory listings usually do not generate that much traffic. However, back links from directories – some more than others– can help boost your search engine ranking with top engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Ask.com. All of the available directories thus can be used for the crucial link building part of your search engine optimization campaign.

Regional search engines limit their indexed content to Web pages whose content/topic is specifically related to the applicable region. Regional search engines have varying amounts of users, but they all provide an invaluable opportunity to reach a more narrowly defined market than the worldwide audiences reached by the highly competitive top search engines. It is highly recommended that you take advantage of GoLiveDoor® opportunity to submit your site to search engines and directories that cover your specific locale.

Blog search engines and directories are reserved for Web logs. Other types of Web sites are not accepted. If your Web site is a blog, be sure to submit to as many of the blog search engines as possible, as the rapidly-growing amount of blogs on the Internet makes it difficult to ensure Web visibility without the help of search engines.

A new and rapidly-growing form of Internet advertising, local search allows brick-and-mortar businesses to promote themselves to local audiences via the Internet's leading search engines. Combing traditional yellow page-technology with mapping, directions and algorithmic search technology, local search is the perfect way to promote your business locally. Local search is not applicable to Internet-only businesses.
Advertising Programs

Paid Internet advertising can be a prosperous and very effective means of attracting traffic to your Web site. However, in order to prosper from pay-per-click advertising, you must select your keywords carefully and be prepared to lose money as competition can be very tough for the more popular keywords. Paid advertising is primarily used by commercial Web sites.

How will I know when GoLiveDoor® has worked?

Each Monday you will be emailed a report showing the status of your website on the 3 major Search Engines. At any time you will also be able to log into your The Console, CoManter's online control panel, that will allow you to see the status and review the GoLiveDoor® emails.

When your website has been listed by Google, Yahoo & MSN, you will be informed and the GoLiveDoor® service will have completed.

Will GoLiveDoor® get my website to the top of the search results on Google/Yahoo/MSN etc ?

Getting listed with Google, Yahoo and MSN does not mean that you will necessarily rank well for particular terms. It simply means when the GoLiveDoor® combined with this search engine everyone on the World Wide Web knows your pages exist. You can even centralize GoLiveDoor® search for just one region in a state in the USA or just one state or one country.  To achieve a leading position on the Search Engines after submission you should follow up GoLiveDoor® with a Search Engine Optimization service such as The Traffic Accelerator or contact Sales@GoLiveDoor.com.
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