Here is Testimonial Presentation that allows us to showcase, some to all, that our existing clients have to say about their relationship with our company.

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Testimonial 1

"What the clients feel about our company and their business relationship with us."BoA

Bank of America, FL     2004 – pres

Designed and architect for new or existing web applications and infrastructure projects. Translated business requirements into technical infrastructure designs through Six Sigma processes.

  • Lead teams for technical and business leaderships, communicated and navigated a complex political landscape, and drive for results as a BoA level 3 Developer and Architect.
  • Architect several solutions for IBM WebSphere Portal and Commerce integrationwith middleware J2EE servers and software
  • Several projects were achieved with common web security and overcoming pitfalls by built secure and reliable web applications using Java.  These below only highlight prescribe solutions through the excellence of WebSphere.
  • Design and development in the following for Loan Solutions initiatives
  • Java Security (Under the Hood) and J2EE Standards Servlet, JSP & EJB Security Container Managed Authentication Inner Classes, Serializing, Multi-threading, and Data Access configure Application Environments Securely  set up WebSphere, Weblogic, JBoss & Tomcat Authentication and Authorization
  • Working on the J2EE framework, the Java language, and web technology.
  • Architect several solutions for IBM mainframe e-server (COBOL) integration with middleware J2EE servers and software. Extensive use for performance testing and tuning with the technologies that support improved data resilience for end users and architecture. Prototyped the capabilities, advantages, and limitations of the various technologies and provided information and techniques that best set of technologies available on IBM  i5 and developing a large scale RUP UML model, to use in conjunction with the IBM i5/OS high availability clusters, to satisfy business continuity goals. Architected and developed single sign-on using Tivoli Access Manager and Lightweight Directory Protocol (LDAP) accessible directory. Installed and set up 8 HATS projects using WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker and IBM Tivoli Access Manager for WebSphere Portal v5.1 iSeries version. This application server also supports third-party authentication using custom user registries that are plugged into Application Server authentication. Documented support for single sign-on with IBM Domino servers, other IBM mainframe Application Servers in the same domain, and IBM Tivoli Access Director for third party applications and with 5250 emulation screen conversations. IBM WebSphere Development Studio Client Advanced Edition for iSeries (Development Studio Client Advanced Edition) V5.1.2 inherits the improved Web, EJB and J2EE development capabilities from WebSphere Studio Application Developer V5.1.2 and through RUP. Developed in a using WebFacing Tool and WSAD JAR files and WAR file into the IBM WebSphere Portal server and versioned software through Documentum.
  • Mentored SMEs’ through development experience with Open Source Technology to include Tomcat, JBoss, PHP, RedHat Linux, XML, Web Services, SQL, SOAP, JSP, J2EE, and UML.
  • Architecting and developing Portlets within WebSphere Portal 5.1.x and for WebSphere Commerce and MQ Series and integration with third party software. 
  • Integrating WebSphere Portal 5.1.x with Tivoli Storage Manager and a Content Management System, Stellent and others for centralized Web-based repository for managing all types of digital information (ClearCase, OpenVMS CMS, WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker).
  • Installing, configuring WebSphere Portal 5.1.x and WebSphere Commerce and MQ Series with WebSEAL server for authenticating. 
  • Discussed & evaluate the standards for CISCO Snowman and J2EE technical feasibility of proposed systems solutions and determined with the teams which solution is best practice for initiative that would fulfill SOW business requirements.

Testimonial 2

Jacksonville Electric Associates (JEA), FL    2003 – 2004

Designed and architect for NOC applications and infrastructure project. Translated business requirements into technical infrastructure designs and developed Six Sigma processes maps.

·         Delivered and developed NOC business solution for JEA for a third level support integrated through Target Smart and Six Sigma Define Measure Analysis Improve Control (DMAIC) analysis business strategy solution

·         Developed new processes & re-engineer existing DMAIC processes to improve them through Six Sigma levels for Black Belt acceptance process

Testimonial 3



IBM Inc., Jacksonville, FL   1999 – 2002

Responsible for technically leading software requirements, design, code reviews for projects. 

·         Supported IBM Atlanta Server Farm and large-scale workstations customer expectations for e-servers and workstations in AIX, Linux RedHat, XP and W2K for Install Shield, Altiris, Tivoli, Zenworks.

·         Delivered and supported networked projects and personnel for leveraging Fast Network Switched Ethernet, GigE, OSPF, BGP, and ATM scalable solutions. Work closely with key stack holders to understand business requirements and suggest application architecture. Solidified commercial JAVA design and development experience in the lead architect and lead coder role for a B2B transaction service that was very successful enterprise e-Business Extranet.

·         Portal Architect that developed the Portlets technology for WebSphere Portal with IBM product line.

·         Designed manual for application server supports authentication using a Lightweight Directory Protocol (LDAP) accessible directory or an implementation of a Custom Registry interface to access non-LDAP user registries.  Extended documentation for support on third-party authentication using Trust Association Interceptors (TAIs) for Netegrity SiteMinder, Tivoli Policy Director, HATS, WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker and IBM Tivoli Access Manager.  This application server document also supports third-party authentication using custom user registries that are plugged into Application Server authentication.  Documented support for single sign-on with IBM Domino servers, other IBM mainframe Application Servers in the same domain, and IBM Tivoli Access Director and Policy Director WebSEAL. We created the SEO search engine on the IBM home page, which was patented and called "Orenge SEO". The other Orange was taken in the technology field.

·         Architected and reengineered an enterprise systems of existing information legacy application to a service oriented application utilizing UML, RUP, and J2EE technologies.  Designed J2EE models for an OOAD and JAVA iterative development B2C Internet resource network and versioned software with Documentum.

·         Lead the identified, analyze, planning and implementation high-level software strategies and solutions for packaging software applications to meet business requirements.

·         Integrated Oracle E-Business Suite, SQL Navigator, Fast Formula, J2EE, Shell Scripting, ABAP and Basis SAP programmers and Tuxedo based middleware.

·         Six Sigma Green Belt certification new processes & re-engineer existing processes to improve them to Six Sigma levels. 



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