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Comanter Consulting promises to bring the appropriate expertise to assist with your hardware, software, applications, security, and networking projects. Regardless of size, scope, and schedule, our trained consultants and employees specialize in map-cutting and leading-edge technologies to achieve your bottom line. Our teams focuses on bringing your ROI within the shortest amount of time. We have extensive experience with almost all operating systems, databases, and hardware and programming languages. Our engineers stay abreast of developments in network and security policy, design, implementation, and operations.

Whether your infrastructure is small or large, local or global, available during certain hours or 24/7, our team can recommend and implement the best solutions so that you can focus on business growth and your priorities. We understand technology, and you can rest assured that you can rely on the best.

  • Software and Applications
  • Databases
  • Programming Languages
  • EDP Solutions
  • Security
  • Network and Operations

Whether you are technology-driven or simply putting technology to work for the success of your business, our philosophy is to get you people and solutions that work.



Comanter provides complete wireless network design services for all major wireless technologies including GSM, CDMA, TDMA, GPRS, and UMTS. Our approach, based on detailed, accurate analysis and planning and our unique expertise in various technologies ensure that each network meets the clients’ specific requirements for performance and reliability at a very reasonable cost.

RF Design & Optimization Services/Fixed and Transport Engineering Services:
  • Help generate RFP/RFQ.
  • Equipment selection and placement to achieve Lowest-cost routing solutions and to maximize interconnect diversity.
  • Optimal hubs and switch location recommendations Interconnect and SS-7 signaling as well as SS-7 connections to PSTN.
  • Network capacity forecasts based on network trend and subscriber data compliance to interconnection standards for the PSTN.
  • Capacity and bandwidth analysis.
  • Network Topology and Architecture design.
  • Optimal hub and switch location recommendations.
  • Circuit/Network Provisioning and assist our clients negotiate service contracts with LECs, ILECs, CLECs and IXCs.
  • Fixed Network configuration and optimization to reduce the overall operating cost.
  • Develop translation tables.
  • Planning for current and future 2.5/3G networks.

Switching Network Services
Comanter has extensive experience working on various switching technologies including 5ESS, DMS, EWSD, Alcatel, Ericsson, Nortel, and Soft Switches. We provide services and solutions for wire line and wireless networks that include the following:

  • Operations, Administration, and Maintenance
  • Systems Integration and Testing
  • Onsite/Remote Support
  • Engineering, Planning, and Optimization
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Consulting for RFI/RFP responses for various network solutions
  • Customer Training
  • BaselineRF design incorporation link budget analysis, equipment vendor parameters, Noise figures, coverage, and C/I requirements, traffic demand grids, and antenna systems, etc.
  • CW drive testing for site candidates and model tuning.
  • Cell site integration, including construction coordination, equipment installation/antenna system verification, antenna sweeps, RF parameter data fills, radio testing, initial drive testing, performance monitoring, and neighbor list modifications.
  • Intelligent search rings, candidate analysis, site visits, zoning support, and cell site simulation testing.
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