Project Types

Website Design and Development

We have the resources and experience necessary to create attractive, professional websites at CSCWebSites.COM.

Microsoft Access or SQL Troubleshooting and Updating

Do you have an Access or SQL database that has slowed down to a crawl or is becoming unstable? If so, we can help! For poorly performing Access applications, we'll identify and remove bottlenecks and, if necessary, assist you with an upgrade to a more robust database platform such as SQL Server.

Upgrading Spreadsheets to Databases

Many databases begin their lives as spreadsheets. If you see the volume of data growing so large that the spreadsheet is becoming hard to work with, it might be time to upgrade. Moving your data to a relational database can improve performance, the quality of data being entered, and the quality of data you get out.

Custom Application Development

The needs of some organizations are sometimes so unique that no pre-packaged software exists. If that's the case, we can develop a Windows- or web-based application that will end up saving you money in the long run or increase your revenue by giving you a competitive advantage in your market. Before development begins we will work with you to define your requirements, and provide you with an estimate and project plan that will help guarantee your projects success.

Technical Details

We use the latest software development tools and languages available from Microsoft and other vendors. As technology has advanced the tools have improved drastically. This enables us to deliver stable, attractive software faster than ever before.

Website Development

ASP, ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, Linux, PHP, WebSphere Products

Desktop Application Development

C#, .NET, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)


Microsoft Access, SQL Server, MySQL Database

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