How To Send Text Message To A Mobile Phone

I spent over an hour on the phone with my wireless carrier trying to find out how to do this. I made it work!

In the paging industry, some devices have a PIN that is a distinct number different from the telephone number, and yet is part of the e-mail address. In these cases, you will need to ask the other person for his / her PIN before you can establish the email address for their device.

Wireless Data Carrier Device Email Address
Ameritech/SBC Paging 1way =
2way =
Arch 1way =
2way = 7 or
AT&T Wireless Blackberry or SMS = or
The address(es) are case sensitive and must be in lower case letters.
Cingular Wireless Blackberry or SMS =
Metrocall 1way =
2way =
Motient 2way =
Nextel Phone =
SkyTel 1way and 2way =
Sprint PCS Phone =
Verizon Wireless Cellular
Verizon Wireless Messaging 1way =
2way =
WebLink Wireless 1way =
1.5way/2way =

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